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Arabian Ranches 2 Dubai

Interior design ideas by Luxury Antonovich Design always please with unique and extraordinary images. This villa project reflects a harmonious mix of modern classics and light accents of elegant art deco. Most of the first floor of the villa is occupied by a spacious living room, which is combined with a dining area. To zone the space, the designers use modern ways of interior home decoration. One of the ways is floors and ceiling decoration. The floor made of light marble is complemented with carved patterns. A strip of darker marble defines boundaries of each zone. In the living room, to create a home comfort atmosphere, the designers use a soft natural carpet; in the dining area, to create a festive mood, the floor is decorated with carved patterns. The light character of the interior is based on a nice range of pastel shades. The furniture is upholstered in soft velvet of a creamy milky hue. The windows are decorated with luxurious drapes of silk in soft lilac colors. To make accents and make the living room interior more expressive, the authors of the project put two armchairs, which are upholstered in chocolate velvet and bright pillows with embroidery. The ceiling decor was also one of the ways to separate the interior space. Fine decorations in the form of the geometric ornament are complemented with illumination lines and chandeliers in art deco style. The interior decor is full of bright designs and fine details, which give the villa interior a unique fashionable chic.

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