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Luxury Design Villa in Abuja Nigeria

Light and harmony in the luxury apartments of the contemporary home design in Abuja create a balance in the life environment. Lightness and easiness of the decoration characterizes the design villa in Nigeria. A beautiful space makes it possible to set perfectly the furniture and expands visually the frontiers of the space. Comfort and convenience are in every corner of the beautiful villa in Abuja. The magnificent hammered railing of the stairway on the first floor emphasizes the architectural expression of the stairs. The construction and shape give just a thrill. The luxury bright columns add grandeur and elegance in the design villa in Abuja. Propping the ceiling, they are like a real elegant work of art, increase the space of the room, giving it a refined aesthetic appearance. The modern design solution in the ceiling light from the turnkey interior design company Luxury Antonovich Design, is a special integral aspect that emphasizes the common style of the unique architectural designs in Nigeria. The true professionals of the architectural and design studio Luxury Antonovich Design give the festive atmosphere to the room, equipping the suspended structure with the point sources of light. It makes the interior even more exclusive and unique. The crystal chandelier takes a solid place in the designing of the ceiling. This elegant lighting represents the wealth and grandeur of design villa in Abuja. The luxurious furniture is another integral attribute of a cozy interior. An exclusive high-quality textiles from the world leading brands will be a highlight of the turnkey interior design in Abuja. The unique patterns, universally applicable texture look good to the eye and gives an aristocratic and at the same time modern style to the interior. The design company Luxury Antonovich Design creates the real masterpieces in the field of architecture, construction, decoration and landscape.

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