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Mushrif Villa


A high ceiling will not only transform your living area, but it will also give the rest of your home add depth and dimension. Clearing the area above will open up the entire room. The designer of Luxury Antonovich Design created a distinctive and stylish accent wall that goes all the way to the ceiling by using glass panels in elegant frames. The living area appears to be larger, and the windows on the top-level increase the amount of natural light in the room. The green lounge chair is complemented by the warm glow of the distinctive floor lamp. The designer was able to include an elegantly mounted design because of the extra space created by the high ceiling. The nested circular coffee tables are a lovely addition. The monochromatic color scheme of the luxury modern contemporary interior design is attractive to the eye, and the ladder ascending to the upper stories is current and fashionable. A common issue with double-height living rooms is that the top and lower portions might appear fragmented. Luxury Antonovich Designs designer effectively combined the two spaces using luxury pieces, resulting in a cohesive environment that works well with all of the diverse aspects. The warm panels complement the furnishings in the space, particularly the Scandinavian chairs and open windows. This luxury modern contemporary interior design living room is stunning, thanks in large part to the windows, which act as an accent wall in and of themselves. This living space is elegant and edgy. The grey walls provide the impression of one large space, while the colorful furniture creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.


The dining table of this luxury modern contemporary interior design serves as a center point in the home as well as a meeting place for family and friends. If you want to buy anything that youll have for a long time, youll probably want to buy it only once. So, what should you be on the lookout for? A dining table should be well-made and sturdy, able to seat a large number of people just like this table of the luxury modern contemporary interior design and be a suitable size for most areas. Because a dining table may be a costly purchase, youll want to take your time looking for one that meets the main requirements youre looking for in your house. We choose a table constructed of elegant and high-quality materials for this luxury modern contemporary interior design as we want a table that will survive through years of dinner party wear and tear. Although marble is a significant purchase, marble dining tables are almost always show-stoppers. Tables made from high-quality imported marble are stunning. If you absolutely fall in love with one, but without remorse - marbles eternal beauty will keep it in style.


Chandeliers, by their very nature, take center stage, yet theyre sometimes thought to be overly formal, only fit for vast rooms, or even flashy. Something with such stylistic authority, on the other hand, shouldnt be dismissed so easily. A statement chandelier is one of my favorite design components because it quickly captures attention and lends confidence to a room. The defining beauty element in this elegant luxury modern contemporary interior design is a draped vintage Art Deco chandelier. The chandeliers perfectly matched, transparent glass arcs simulate the impression of swathed silk, challenging the assumptions and abilities of its material. Its light source is completely seen, emitting an ambient glow that complements the sophisticated dining set below. The exquisite artwork is paired with a textured wall canvas and classic silver element.

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