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Luxurious Villa Interior in Abuja

This modern architectural interior of the palace in Abuja by Elite Design Studio Antonovich Design incorporates the best of the traditions of the classical style in the interior. And the author's design complemented a magnificent image of the interior of a country mansion with bright individual strokes. Luxurious interior in Abuja country house can be attributed to the works of art in design and architecture. Sophisticated decorative elements in perfect harmony with each other. Elite interior villa in Abuja filled with dignity and nobility, elegance and grace. From the first moments of your stay in the house, you feel some solemnity and easy festive mood. Marble floors in the house are decorated with ornate carvings. Such luxury floor is possible to produce thanks to modern technology of laser cutting stone. Modern technology and the imagination of the interior designer brings to each author's project of charming and luxurious touches. So, marble steps of the magnificent staircase, illuminated by soft blue LED backlight . Complementing a beautiful image of the stairs forged balustrade and marble railing. The ceilings in the best traditions of the classical style decorated with stucco and massive chandeliers. The special art of textile design is reflected in the decoration of the windows. Large windows that extend the full height of the building, decorated with luxurious drapes of silk. This beautiful image complemented soft lambrequins, which are covered with a golden braid. Luxury upholstered furniture inlaid with precious fabrics and carved decoration of handwork.


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