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Magnificent Villa Design in Dubai Emirates Hills - Meadows

The design of elite real estate from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design is always a unique solution in the decoration of space. And every decision of interior designers is aimed at creating the ideal comfort for customers. And such an eternal desire of man - to be different from everyone, be special, is reflected in the exclusive interiors of the design studio. For this project, we offered a bright and luxurious style of art deco. Each room in the house has its own special charm of luxury and warmth of home comfort. A spacious hall welcoming with a radiant and bright mood. Interior designers have achieved this effect by using a light palette of colors and lighting accents.On the second floor of the house leads a graceful staircase made of brown marble. Each of stair's steps is highlighted by lines of LED backlight. Luxuriously looking the three-dimensional decor panels made of brass, and glossy panels.Such brilliant and bright accents interior designers continued in the interior of the living room. And in the interior of the hall luxuriously looks such a fashionable element of decor as vertical gardening on walls made of living plants.Plants are placed in a niche with illumination. The decoration of the ceilings in the interior is rather laconic, the white smooth surface of the ceiling is delineated by a backlighting line. And the most striking elements of the decor of the ceilings were stylish crystal chandeliers.Special attention in this design project was given to the interior of the dining room. It emphasized the warmth and hospitality of the owners of the house. Here, the bas-relief and the original decor panels look chic.The interior design became that perfect moment of the embodiment of a dream of the ideal house.

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