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Classic Villa Design In Jordan


As the top interior design company in Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design has been always the most reliable and trusted company in the Middle East in dealing with luxurious projects in terms of architecture, interior design, and fit-out work. Luxury Antonovich Design only works with expert solutions by using different advanced technology and modern equipment’s which is being operated by well-skilled and professionals to achieve world-class quality in every prestigious project. Working with a luxurious villa is one of the expertise of Luxury Antonovich Design in fact; Luxury Antonovich Design has been always the top of the choice of every elite personality, VIP’s, Royal families and even the top world leaders. This luxurious project in classical design concept is located in Jordan. This Arab nation is being defined by ancient monuments, nature reserves, and seaside resorts. No doubt that client from Jordan has indeed very high standards when it comes to developing such projects executions most especially for residential properties.


Luxury Antonovich Design always performs the most effective solutions with efficiency to complete the most prestigious project design according to its requirement. This classical villa interior design in Jordan has great touches of Victorian-inspired decoration which has been meticulously performed in every piece of detail to achieve aesthetic perfection. The entire villa is filled with the most luxurious decoration and the finest furniture arrangement which has been styled by the most expert in-house interior designers of Luxury Antonovich Design. Developing luxury villas outside the country such as this villa project requires great teamwork, hard work, and smart goals to achieve the most remarkable interior design.

Luxury Antonovich Design is providing a complete solution including furniture and home decorating services. As the Luxury Antonovich Design has its own manufacturing and factory for luxury furniture and all sorts of decoration that is being needful in every architecture and interior design development. Each masterpiece is being showcased at the biggest luxury furniture store in Dubai – Luxury Antonovich Home, Wherein, locals and international clients can freely visit the studio to see the widest section of luxury furniture and decoration that will be suitable to their project. With its great reputation internationally, Luxury Antonovich Design was indeed the best partner of every client to achieve their dream home come true, no matter where in the world the property is located, Luxury Antonovich Design will absolutely execute the best interior design, fit-out, architecture, and furniture production as required.

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