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House Design in Nigeria


The interior design of the luxury Nigeria home is consistent and well-coordinated in every detail. You might think that gold hues are uninteresting at first, but they are really a good primary color to utilize in modern home design. Gold shiny colors are soothing, and they're a lot of fun to play around with other strong accents. It draws attention to the textures and objects in your room. Another advantage of gold colors is that they never go out of style. Here are a few photos of how we designed and decorated this complete house.


Is your current style moderate? There's no compelling need to replace your furniture as Luxury Antonovich Design can provide everything for you! Any style may be linked to luxury interior design. Lamps, chandeliers, natural sunlight are just a few of the highlights that may be seen in a gold Nigeria interior design. On the other hand, with the help of textures like line patterns, grid patterns, and stick motifs, many Nigeria luxury-style rooms packed with reactive decorations run luxurious. White or gold accents and fabric shades may create light and airy areas, while elegant drapes, plush sofas, and manicured palms in excellent hues can create more rich interiors. 

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