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Best house interior design

A very elegant, cozy and aristocratic story told designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design in the project of an elite house in Abu Dhabi. In the premises of a relatively small area, the authors of the project managed to recreate the motives of respectable luxury in the best traditions of the classical style. The interior of a small hall became an excellent epilogue to this story. The decor of the walls perfectly combines light silk wallpaper with large ornamentation and decorative plaster in subdued gray tones. Against this background, very bright and expressive look paintings of artists. These decor elements are present in all rooms of the apartment, which emphasizes the taste of the owners of the apartment and their love for art. In the design of the ceilings in the hall, there is a multidimensionality. Along with the classic crystal chandelier, interior designers use small ceiling lights and sconces. This allows you to provide enough light all the corners of the room. The bright surface of the marble on the floor plays with beautiful highlights, and the line of dark brown marble that delineates the floor along the entire perimeter adds to the interior expressive moments. In general, illumination and light palette of hues visually expand the space along with the doors of natural wood, which are painted in milky white and inlaid with a light carved decor with gilding. In the interior of the living room, the mood of elegance and aristocracy continues, but here more elegant notes in the form of luxurious upholstered furniture and such a wonderful attribute of the home warmth as a white marble fireplace.

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