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Always popular and fashionable classics in the works of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design does not cease to please and surprise with its beauty, novelty, and uniqueness. This interior of the house in Abu Dhabi was an excellent embodiment of the wishes of its owners. Their main wish was to get the luxury of the palace residence within the city apartment. And with this task, designers of the studio Antonovich Design coped brilliantly. Respectable living room was decorated with a beautiful ceiling with stucco decorations, an elite parquet floor of light wood of English styling, luxurious furniture, and beautiful curtains. A discreet palette of shades in the interior became the moment of elegance and cozy mood. The magnificent and elegant decor of the walls with stucco molding, gilding, silk wallpaper, paintings and classic sconces perfectly blended into the interior and became a luxurious frame of other details and decor elements. Curtains of silk velvet with a pleasant lilac shade echoes with the upholstery of the furniture. The dining zone is located at the window and occupies almost half the room, which perfectly emphasizes the hospitable character of the apartment owners. The beautiful white kitchen continues the motifs of the classical style. In the overall white range of pearly shades, soft chairs of silk mint shade and luxurious curtains in the same tones with printed golden ornaments look vividly. The most romantic and gentle corner of the apartment is a beautiful bedroom with a luxurious wall decoration. And only for the children's room, interior designers applied a completely different concept of modern style. After all, the main task is to create an ideal living environment for every member of the family.

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