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Luxury Villa Design in Sharjah

House design in Sharjah from Luxury Antonovich Design is the creation of unique choices of luxury and comfort. Everyone sees the beauty in own way Each home design project from Dubai's designers reflects the tastes, lifestyle, and habits of customers. There is one of the best ways to emphasize higher status. The classic-style interior.

Interior fit out companies in sharjah Luxury Antonovich Design:

  • Always present stucco
  • The interior is made with classic furniture
  • Only noble materials are used
  • Compliance with the principles of symmetry
  • Moderate decor

This house design in Sharjah - the perfect sample of luxurious and elegant classic style. Mainly this style defines a skills of interior designer. It is always a challenge in compliance with all the rules to create an absolutely exclusive option. It is an inviolable condition, which is common to all project design studio in Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design.

The feature of such design concept is a large area and high ceilings. The ceiling is decorated with graceful curls of stucco decoration. Against the background of the white ceiling elegantly looks the walls in muted gray tones. Sharjah Interior Designers also complemented the walls of the stucco decor elements. The floors are decorated with parquet made of wood valuable species. And to enhance the wonderful feeling of warmth of home comfort, the center of the room decorated with natural round carpet with classical ornament.

A special feature of the dining room interior become tall windows that extend the full height of the room. Window curtains draped classical noble silk with a lavender hue. Soft chairs upholstered in silk velvet in the same colors. Home design Sharjah in this embodiment has a very noble character. A special role in the interior belongs an elite furniture. Сommodes made of valuable wood with handmade inlaid carved decor and precious metals.

The main decoration of the room become a round table surrounded by soft chairs with a noble posture. The center of this composition defines chandelier on the ceiling, which makes every meal an even more solemn.

House design in Sharjah from Luxury Antonovich Design in classic style has become an excellent way to emphasize the kindness and hospitality the house owners.

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