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Unique Handmade Custom Furniture


Unique, interesting, beautiful and comfortable interior begins, first of all, with designer handcrafted furniture. This original furniture of luxury category is considered to be the ideal choice for home furnishing in an aristocratic and respectable style. Carved furniture, made by hand from natural solid wood of valuable species, always looks elegant and refined, effectively decorates any interior. Exclusive handcrafted furniture by Luxury Antonovich Design is custom-made and fully meets the requirements of the customer.

Masters of Luxury Antonovich Design Company will gladly help you to create beautiful conditions for living and working space, because over the years we have been manufacturing the best quality handmade furniture. We put our soul and our love into it, so it can transform and decorate any room, make an office or home more warm and cozy. Luxury custom furniture is created by experienced craftsmen who have a delicate sense of style. In the process of work we use modern technologies, as well as classical and ancient techniques. That is why all the furnishings are unique, worthy to decorate your home or office. Luxury handcrafted furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design is the embodiment of the original creative ideas of the designer, the art of creating luxurious masterpieces of the elite interior using wood, paints, brushes and cutters.


Luxury Antonovich Design Company offers high quality custom-made handcrafted furniture production. Our talented and experienced craftsmen create authentic masterpieces of furniture art from an array of noble varieties of wood, the best accessories and expensive upholstery materials. You can order both individual items of wooden furniture and whole sets for:

  • kitchen,  
  • dining room,  
  • living room,  
  • bedroom,  
  • study,  
  • hallway,  
  • nursery and other rooms. 

Exclusive furniture is created by experienced craftsmen who use mahogany, solid oak, teak and other species. Each sample is unique; each piece of furniture is a piece of art from Luxury Antonovich Design, which organically combines classical traditions of woodcarving, inlaid jewelry with the use of:




bronze and other valuable materials.

Elite pieces of furniture are made by hand, filigree woodcarving, exquisite inlays, patinated and gilded. Due to the high artistic and aesthetic qualities of the furniture, functionality and practicality, the interior becomes truly comfortable and luxurious. Exclusive handmade furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design will be a worthy decoration of the most luxurious and respectable houses.

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