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Exclusive Glass Fit-Out Dubai


The uniqueness of glass as a material for design and interior fit-out by Luxury Antonovich Design is due to a number of advantages, the most important of which is the expansion of borders. Given the limited space of urban apartments, the use of glass fit-out Dubai allows you to delimit the room, while maintaining the total used space.


Another important advantage of glass fit-out is versatility. In addition to traditional windows and accessories (utensils, vases, etc.), glass can be used for finishing works, creating doors, partitions and even furniture. Glass, having lost its fragility, significantly expanded the scope of application, adding air and light to the interior of both residential and non-residential premises.

Glass in the interior fit-out can radically change its mood, give the design lightness and airiness. Any room can be decorated with glass, because these seemingly fragile objects add space and elegance to the interior. The modern interior design of apartments by Luxury Antonovich Design has gone even further and glass, thanks to the introduction of new technologies, has also gone far ahead and gained new outlines. And now glass in interior design and fit-out Dubai has received new uses and directions.


It should be remembered that this material is cold and strict, so the glass fit-out of the room should be diluted with fabrics and bright colors. Instead of a solid transparent surface, you can use translucent blocks or bricks. This will create accent blurs that attract attention.


Let us dwell on some basic ideas implemented by modern designers of our company. For the hallway, an interesting solution would be to use glass doors leading to the living room. This can become the central element of the composition, an interesting art object. In the interior of the living room, transparent glass partitions look great, through which you can divide the room into functional zones. In this case, the radius solutions that replace the usual rectilinear edges are especially relevant. The apron of the working area in the kitchen can be made of glass, it is used as the main or auxiliary material in the manufacture of kitchen tables.


Our experts will make and produce from our own material, installation of glass and mirrors, taking into account the size of the customer, all types of work on the design of apartments, houses, fitness centers, gyms, restaurants and bars, retail venues, training, banquet, choreographic halls, as well as hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchen aprons, glass paintings, etc.

Glass can even be used as a floor material, which is especially practiced in suburban construction. This may be due to the need for lighting the lower floor or as an implementation of the original idea of the designer.


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