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Individual Carpets And Rugs Design


Incredibly beautiful, bright or pastel, elegant and traditional carpets are indispensable for creation the interior design of any home. With their help, our designers create a special style and comfort; make the stay at home very comfortable. Our carpet products, which are hand-woven by professionals, are especially appreciated. Such carpets retain an attractive look for many years, do not wipe and do not go out of fashion.

Katrina Antonovich  - Creator Of Amazing Carpets Design

Luxury Antonovich Design Company produces the best original handmade silk and wool carpets. We control the production process at all stages — from spinning and dyeing of threads to trimming, washing and drying. We guarantee high quality and exclusivity of the offered carpet products. Our company tries to satisfy the highest and most complex demands of our customers, taking into account the peculiarities of their interior and lifestyle. If necessary, you can order the carpet in individual size, colors and individual design. With the help of certain sizes and shapes of carpet models, it is possible to plan the space in your own house.


There are many weaving techniques for creation the unique carpets in Luxury Antonovich Design. Custom-made models are always valuable and original in their design. Our craftsmen manually select suitable threads, other materials, form a drawing, make sketches, and perform the technical part of the work. Original pile carpet modifications from Luxury Antonovich Design are incredibly popular. These are design carpet products of complex design with a lot of double and one-and-a-half knots, very beautiful images, and expensive decorative elements.

  • Classic carpets 
  • Carved rugs 
  • Relief elite carpets 
  • Acrylic rugs 
  • Shaggy carpets (monophonic, with abstraction, 3D) 
  • Bedside carpets 

The process of creating handmade carpets by Luxury Antonovich Design can be divided into the following main stages:

— development of the project, takes into account the concept of room design and stylistic decisions of decor;

— the creation and approval of the sketch;

— selection of weaving techniques;

— direct manufacture.

Carpets made of natural materials by Luxury Antonovich Design Company are currently considered the most popular. Wool carpet models are luxurious, warm, wear-resistant and durable products. Another undisputed leader, of course, is silk. Silk carpets do not retain heat, but have high durability, are notable for their particular elegance and fascinate with their soft shimmering shine. Our arsenal is constantly updated with fresh, fashionable and stylish models of carpets, which are striking in their singularity and extravagance.

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