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Stunning Artistic Wall Painting Design


Artistic painting of the interior, made by the masters of Luxury Antonovich Design Company is a unique, elegant and sophisticated decoration of any interior design, which allows reporting your own worldview and your own feelings. It is always pleasing and interesting to look at the work made masterfully and soulfully, it opens up new frontiers for you, giving aesthetic pleasure from interior design.

Katrina Antonovich - Famous Designer for Wall Paintings

Despite the most modern technologies, the work of the artists of Luxury Antonovich Design is valued as before. After all, it is impossible to create a real masterpiece with the help of a machine and breathe life into it by investing a piece of your own soul. That is why the interior artistic painting created by the hands of our talented professionals is so popular both among businessmen who want to give a special touch to the company's office and among owners of private houses who have good artistic taste and want to decorate their interior and surprise their guests.


The artistic paintings on walls are a beauty of east palaces and basil in an elegant interior. The technology of frescoes from the past gave modern designers high art in the field of repairs and fit-out. The artistic painting of walls and ceilings from Luxury Antonovich Design is designed to solve several problems in an apartment: increasing space, creating a special themed setting, adjusting the layout of an apartment or house, expressing personal individuality and decoration, creating an original interior. Our masters use many types of painting:

— airbrushing, a simple spray of certain types of paint with a spray;

— art interior painting, the creation of paintings using durable acrylic paint;

— volume painting, which is applied on the volume decorative plaster;

— tempera, the use of different emulsions, which contain wax, egg yolk, protein, casein glue, linseed oil and other materials;

— painting in 3-D technique, also used in conjunction with relief, sculptural compositions, creating holistic three-dimensional images;

— graffiti, for decorating exterior facade surfaces.

Our masters are well-versed in all the nuances of interior decoration with wall painting. They feel fine colors, shape and composition; significant and difficult to implement elements — painting curved walls, in any style that corresponds to the accepted concept of the design project will be performed at the highest level.

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