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Sophisticated Marble Floor Design And Fit-Out


Marble floor designed by Luxury Antonovich Design will create a unique exquisite style of your home. Design opportunities of a natural stone are really limitless. The floor can be made of tiled marble or become a palace interior decoration with mounting into the base of various artistic drawings of various forms in a multicolor combination of fragments. Our company offers the development of a unique design of marble floor and a full range of works with the provision of marble selection from our own collection or worldwide manufacturers.

Marble is a unique high-strength material which, having excellent operational characteristics, is ideally suited for floors fit-out. The unique natural pattern of the stone, as well as a large selection of textures and shades open up unlimited possibilities for combining, so marble tiles for the floor are often used in a variety of design projects by Luxury Antonovich Design. The device of marble floors can be different: homogeneous, made of one type of stone, and also have different textures, where several colors and types of surface can be combined.


Marble floor is not just a surface. This is a true work of art. Marble has an amazing ability to combine solidity and durability with grace and sophistication. Beautiful floor can transform beyond recognition the interior and style of any room. This valuable in every respect element of the decoration of the house requires a special, professional approach in order to fully convey the luxury and beauty of the palace aesthetics to fully modern premises. In Luxury Antonovich Design Company you will find a huge number of options for floor fit-out with marble:

  • Marble tiled floor;
  • Marble floor lined with slabs;
  • A floor from marble slabs with an ornamental insert;
  • Marble tiled floor with a large geometric motif;
  • Inlaid marble floor;
  • Artistic marble floor;
  • Marble floor with ornamental linear art-deco patterns;
  • Marble floor with mosaic inset;
  • Marble floor with a contrasting graphic solution;
  • Classic black and white marble chess cage;
  • Floor with trapezoid black and white marble tiles in classic style;
  • Brushed marble with streaks;
  • Marble tiled floor with a checkered pattern;
  • Marble tiled floor with natural wood inserts;
  • Carved marble floor;
  • Marble tiled floor with spectacular graphics.

The marble floor will be a great basis for creating a unique interior design and decoration with elements of natural stone cladding. Marble floors from Luxury Antonovich Design are durable and practical. Able to resist increased loads for a long time, resistant to abrasion.

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