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Original Stained-Glass Doors Design


Stained glass is pieces of multi-colored glass, some kind of mosaic in a certain pattern. Luxury Antonovich Design Company has been developing and manufacturing stained-glass doors for over than 10 years, and being a leader in this direction. We make stained-glass doors in the most sought-after techniques: Tiffany, using colored glass, a classic typesetting stained-glass, painting with stained-glass paints, and also doing engraving on glass (deep sandblasting). All stained-glass inserts for the doors are made according to the original sketch. In the manufacture of stained-glass for doors, we use glass from the best-known manufacturing plants in the USA and Europe.

Katrina Antonovich - Artistic Designer of Luxury Antonovich Design

In Luxury Antonovich Design Company you will find both standard stained-glass doors, and variants of expensive and more refined stained-glass, which are painted on transparent glass with special paints. 

Our designers will help you to choose the best stained-glass doors that harmoniously fits to your interior. You can order both a stained-glass and a turnkey product from us, which includes an exit to the object for checking the measurement of a place for stained-glass detail, developing a sketch, manufacturing, and also delivering and installing the product. Thanks to the stained-glass inserts in doors, the interior can acquire new shades — from elegant and cheerful notes to strict and business style.


Thanks to stained-glass inserts, ordinary doors become a bright and unique element of the interior. Today doors with stained-glass from Luxury Antonovich Design become more popular and demand. They amaze with a variety of color solutions, forms, sizes, plots and materials of manufacture. Stained glass doors made by our skillful craftsmen can be compared to a painting canvas. They can be made in any style of fine art. The use of stained-glass will turn the door into an extraordinary and unique element of the interior. These inserts are ideally combined with metal and wooden surface, bringing a refined and sophisticated look.

Doors with stained glass from Luxury Antonovich Design are made for both interior and exterior constructions, because for the production of inserts durable glass is used, which is resistant to breaking. To create a complete picture, we advise you to add elements with stained-glass to the interior itself, for example, a stained-glass panel or furniture with elements of stained-glass. The doors decorated with stained-glass looks noble, it adds a special charm to the room and makes the interior more airy.

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