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A distinctive feature of Dubai is a high level of competition, which is characterized by a struggle for customers and qualified personnel. Indeed, a client who visits your office for the first time makes an impression of the company as a whole. It is for this reason that the building where your office is located is considered the basis for the organization success. An office is a business card of a company, an indicator of its success, status and stability. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure high-quality office fit-out in Dubai.

Katrina Antonovich

Today, there are thousands of companies that offer office interior fit-out, but you need to trust only professionals who have rich experience and are responsible in their work. The prestige and reputation of your organization will depend on their activities. Such an organization is Luxury Antonovich Design. Throughout our activities, we are improving so that services are more and more in demand and competitive in today's construction and design market. We provide an integrated approach in the design and fit-out of offices, the design of office space and the creation of a comfortable turnkey office design.



Depending on the complexity and scope of the work, and the desired end result, office fit-out can be of various types of complexity:

  • redecorating the office is an ideal solution if it is necessary to eliminate minor defects and maintain the premises in perfect condition;
  • office overhaul (major fit-out) — fresh design ideas, redevelopment, laying of sewers and electrical systems, large-scale fit-out work on a specific design project;
  • fit-out from scratch is an ideal solution for an office that has just been erected, during which preparatory, installation, finishing work, as well as engineering communications are carried out;
  • premium office fit-out — the implementation of a full range of services regarding the decoration and fit-out of the workspace using high quality materials according to the original design.


Regardless of the option chosen, after the client contacts us, the experts will evaluate the condition of the space in which a comprehensive or minor fit-out should be carried out. Absolutely all planning and designing works are carried out exclusively by highly qualified specialists of Luxury Antonovich Design who not only have a wealth of theoretical knowledge, but also huge work experience. They think outside the box, so they can realize even the most daring ideas of our client. Professional office fit-out implies that you always have the opportunity to choose one of the options that will fully meet your requirements and desires.



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