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Sophisticated Master Bedroom


Guaranteeing high-security guidelines and advancing quality greatness in your future home is our priority with the improvement of exceedingly capable expert specialists of our company. With the help of the professional and talented team, Luxury Antonovich Design has accomplished amazing outcomes from different fit-out projects. Luxury Antonovich Design has accumulated gigantic experience and ability, by taking care of ventures with strong fit-out strategies. We get involved in all development tasks and our commitment to every single venture frequently comes as an amazement to numerous customers. We convey high caliber and great outcomes to every one of our customers, and to ceaselessly look for creative methods for development that is adaptable in accomplishing complex fit-out projects.

Katrina Antonovich - Leader in Bedroom Interior Design


Having a sleek bedroom in Dubai can be intimidating as it requires a lot of knowledge in customization. But fret not because Luxury Antonovich Design gives any room the design they deserve through extensive research that would make the clients happy. In this new venture by Luxury Antonovich Design, the details are put into much importance. From colors to furniture, to every single piece in the bedroom, everything is well put and organized. In order to give the room a neutral look for any gender, we prioritize the use of a darker shade of brown as it gives off a luxurious vibe that is hard to deny. The walls have patterns that are in horizontal that is equally gorgeous and manly. The patterns are supreme and can easily be used as an accent to any hotel designs. It is definitely a high-end material. The dark brown patterns are partnered with cream/white walls. This gives the room the balance it needs from the dark shades. 


To add to the sleek and sophisticated feel of this elegant master bedroom, furniture is well used and placed properly in order to give the maximum functions of it. The chairs are as elegant as the bed and the walls, the television set gives a lasting impression with its cabinets that are clean and neat. The wall frames are minimalist and not overt, and the doors are out of the world amazing. The curtains are not to be ignored. They are super elegant. It goes from ceiling to flooring which you can’t deny its luxurious vibe. The colors are amazing with every simplicity it can get. Leas is more, we say! The chandelier is a standout as well! Lights, lights, lights that are excellent and can give off the feeling that you want. You will definitely want to stay more in this master bedroom by the amazing and talented interior designers of Luxury Antonovich Design. Everything is put into the mindset of creating a masterpiece!

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