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Interesting Wood Ceiling Design


The ceiling is always one of the most important parts of beautiful interior design. The design of this surface can greatly affect the overall perception of the room and it is very important to choose the right materials for it. As the most extensive area in the room in, the ceiling requires great attention. It should not only please the eye, but also be aesthetically attractive, and ideally fit into the overall interior of the room. 

Luxury Antonovich Design Company is engaged in the manufacture of high-quality carved ceiling products for your order. We make ceilings of various designs — cassette, coffered and carved. The shape of the ceiling product, size and pattern of cutting can be any. In addition to the standard circle, square or rectangle, our high-tech equipment allows us to make any shape — everything is limited only by your imagination. Wood ceiling constructions are distinguished by nobility of appearance and solidity. The room immediately takes a completely different look.

The shape of the ornament, the area covered with wooden details and the presence of light will have a significant impact on the overall perception of the interior. For decoration the ceiling with various patterns Luxury Antonovich Design uses a variety of techniques. Carved compositions can be made in the following variations:

— Ceiling surface fit-out with solid panels of solid wood with carved ornament.

— Ceiling fit-out with panels from thin wooden sheet materials, which help to create an original and very beautiful interior.

— Decorating ceiling with ready-made friezes or baguettes from natural wood. Such a ceiling is a great way to experiment with the location of light sources.


For connoisseurs of ergonomic solutions, architectural sophistication, elegant style and effective solutions, variants of wooden coffered ceilings are offered by Luxury Antonovich Design. Due to its uniqueness, this type of ceiling, which is gaining popularity, has already won the love of connoisseurs of refined interiors. For such wooden ceilings, the presence of caissons is characteristic — these are small socket. They set the general trend of the design of ceiling surfaces. In this case, the shape of caissons can be absolutely different:

— rectangular;

— polygonal.

The geometric design of the caissons changes the visual perception of the room space. Atypical design of the ceiling — its main advantage. It can be made in any of the styles. Although this method of decorating the ceiling is most in demand in classic interiors and baroque-style rooms, rich and luxurious.

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