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Royal Design Of Artistic Ceiling Painting


Artistic painting of ceiling is one of the techniques of monumental painting, which has proven its undoubted significance for more than one thousand years. Thanks to it many outstanding works of art have survived, and almost the entire history of mankind was captured. Themes of artistic ceiling painting from Luxury Antonovich Design can be a variety of visual images: from futuristic or avant-garde images to classic paintings of Italian or Greek scenes, photographs or collages. In the painting of ceilings, decorative ornaments and murals framed with three-dimensional classical elements of architecture are a great success.

Katrina Antonovich - Opens Secrets About Artistic Ceiling Painting

Ceiling painting is an alternative to the standard, traditional way of ceilings fit-out. Art painting allows to plunge into the unforgettable world of aesthetics. Hand painting of master guarantees the uniqueness of painting on the ceilings. Our talented masters skillfully use different techniques to play with the visual perception of the volume of the room. Low ceilings will appear higher and small spaces will be enlarged. Looks great, located symmetrically relative to the center, ornaments of artistic painting. There are many plots, but the most popular is the sky, which fills the room with light, makes it higher and opens the space. The modern interior of the ceiling is filled with ease, it is not so monumental. Plots are chosen morelight and stylish. The possibilities of our masters are unlimited.


Interior ceiling painting is not only decorative style of fit-out and not just a picture painted on the wall. By this technique, you can give the room or building a unique character and an unforgettable atmosphere. The image can organically interweave into an existing architecture, emphasize or mask it. Artistic painting of ceilings is an old way of decorating surfaces, which, with the advent of modern finishing materials, was forgotten for some time, and then came out of the shadows and immediately fell into the category of exclusive ways of transforming the interior by Luxury Antonovich Design.

Ceiling painting from our company can be done by several technics:

  • Painted with acrylic paints. It is advantageous, because the paint falls on any surface, is non-toxic and moisture-resistant, while it dries quickly.
  • Airbrushing. The technique is young; it allows to apply pictures of any complexity, even your own photos. Effectively hides flaws and defects in the ceiling.
  • Ceiling frescoes. The image is applied on wet plaster; the technique is the most durable.
  • Volume painted ceilings. Visually increases the space.
  • Painted with oil paints. Oil paints fill the image with proper shadow depth, volume, transparency and softness.
  • Alfresco painting. It is used in rooms with classic style. It is perfectly combined with molding decor.
  • Tempera painting. Transparent unique paint that creates the most complex color shades. Layer by layer forms the desired irresistible image effect.

The uniqueness of the artistic ceiling painting by Luxury Antonovich Design lies in the fact that any plot can be applied to the ceiling surface, which makes it possible to obtain a unique interior solution for any room in the house.

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