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Gypsum Medallions Manufacture And Design


The ceiling is the most noticeable surface in the room and this makes it necessary to give it maximum attention in a process of creation beautiful interior design. Traditionally, moldings, cornices and gypsum medallions are considered to be the best decor for ceiling surfaces. At the same time, cornices and moldings are intended to emphasize the existing architectural solution, while the medallions represent the center of the design composition by Luxury Antonovich Design.

Katrina Antonovich - Beautiful Designer Of Gypsum Ceiling Decoration

Fit-out of the ceiling is one of the key points that play a crucial role in the formation of a harmonious and beautiful interior. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the choice of facing materials and the further decoration and fit-out of the ceiling surface. The gypsum medallion by Luxury Antonovich Design is a stucco edging in the form of an oval, circle, or quatrefoil, which is used as a decorative element, in the center of which a light fixture can be installed.


Choosing for your home stucco gypsum from Luxury Antonovich Design as the main element of the decor, you give your preference to this classic, which will always be admirable and never go out of style. The ceiling medallion is one of the main classical decorative elements which can be in your house. The most basic essence of such an unusual decoration, like a medallion, is to emphasize the elegance of the ceiling. Thanks to the ceiling medallion, your ceiling will acquire individuality and create an amazing atmosphere of luxury.

Ceiling medallions from Luxury Antonovich Design have the following advantages:

— The lack of visible joints, making the product looks like a harmonious continuation of the ceiling surface.

— The ability to create a variety of patterns with the presence of the thinnest lines and miniature fragments.

— Opportunity to create the illusion of a lace ceiling, to clearly highlight the relief pattern.

There are no restrictions for installing gypsum elements. They can be mounted under lamps, chandeliers or as separate elements of the decor. You can stylize such decor under the old marble, bronze or gold, if it is suitable for a particular interior. Gypsum products have a round shape, but at your request, our masters will be able to perform any unique design with drawings and various ornaments. This kind of decoration from Luxury Antonovvich Design perfectly harmonizes with the eaves, friezes and moldings.

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