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Dubai Restaurant Fit-Out


Dubai is definitely one of the best when it comes to themed restaurants, and Luxury Antonovich Design has spearheaded a lot of projects that are stunning and extremely gorgeous! In this new venture by the award-winning company, we put importance to master planning. From the chairs to the table to everything you see in the photos, all details are well-thought of and not forgettable. One factor that clients keep coming back to us is because of the versatility that we provide to each and every one. The designs are always unique and you will surely have your own personality in the room that you want. Be it a restaurant design or a hall design or even the biggest hotel design in the world, Luxury Antonovich Design will surely give its bets of its best to every client because we believe that design should be amazing. With that said, we present this amazing interior design for a restaurant. 

Katrina Antonovich - Restaurant Theme Designer


In this interior design, we prioritize the easy access of every customer from the entrance, to the counter, to the kitchen. The chairs and tables are placed strategically for the customers to enjoy their dining experience more. The chairs are very much cute with a table that can accommodate big groups. Plants are placed on the side to give a glimpse of nature in the covered restaurant. Huge bar with amazing back is seen for everyone to have a little relaxation. The food hall is equipped with everything that you need in a restaurant.


We will bring mindfulness in every development we do with proper fit-out works and excellent construction/engineering method. This extravagant restaurant interior design will be a popular destination as it brings visitors closer to the themed restaurant in Dubai through exciting designs and breathtaking details. As if being surrounded by the beauty of elegant interior is not enough, it treats guests to lovely lighting that will surely help you forget about the busy life in the city of Dubai. Prioritizing within the center of great fit-out work, this restaurant interior design is an elegant area with every detail put with the consideration that offers a close encounter with management and construction services. The expertise of our quality people will be a great help in the construction and engineering of the interior. And this is why we do amazing interior designs to give customers the experience they deserve!

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