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Designer Ideas For Ceiling Decoration


The ceiling is your home sky over your head in an apartment or house, and therefore the decor of the ceiling is the primary item for any repair or design. If the room is not designed in any particular style, then the general ideas about the ceiling begin to blur. What should it be? Monotonous? Make a suspended ceiling or with moldings? Or maybe decorate with stucco or artistic painting? There are a lot of options and there is no one right one. Everyone has their own sky and their ceiling decor.

Team Of Katrina Antonovich

The finishing of the ceiling takes much more time and effort than on the walls or the floor. The overall perception when visiting a room depends on the decor of the ceiling. Creating an original ceiling decor with a unique design in an apartment is a dream of many. Since there are a lot of ways to decorate your home, the main difficulty for creative individuals can only consist in the choice of a suitable finishing option. Luxury Antonovich Design presents several options, but you choose the most suitable one based on your own preferences.


Stained-glass ceilings is a unique element of interior decoration from Luxury Antonovich Design, not losing its relevance today. Stained-glass ceilings look expressive, unique, create a special atmosphere and set the mood of the room. Stained glass on the ceiling is an exceptional way to bring exclusivity to the interior, to emphasize the style and status of the owner. Stained-glass ceiling is a bright detail of the interior and, without exaggeration, the calling card of your home or business. Stained glass compositions enhance the color accents, the unusual lighting of the room, emphasize the style of the interior — there are many advantages to this beautiful way of ceiling fit-out.

Air gypsum moldings, arches and stucco from Luxury Antonovich Design imitating palace luxury are firmly in the trend and are used even in small apartments. A floral or multi-colored hand-made composition made by professional masters of Luxury Antonovich Design can refresh the monotony of such elements. The decor of the ceiling with stucco will bring aristocratic notes into the room and make it more official.

Decoupage is a luxurious and slightly antique look of the ceiling. This type of ceiling decor from Luxury Antonovich Design implies the use of various types of stucco, relief ornaments-patterns. These decorative elements are made of gypsum, wood, foam, concrete. The choice of a particular part depends on the general idea of the entire design project.

Vaulted ceilings from Luxury Antonovich Design are smooth arches remind of elegant architecture in the Gothic style and can make your interior unique and unlike anything. However, such changes, if your house is already built, will require a lot of effort, time or redevelopment. The creation of arches requires either planning at the construction stage, or the presence of initially high ceilings, so that structures imitating arches can be layered from below. Domed ceiling is a spectacular decor of your interior.

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