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Dressing Room — Smart And Stylish Storage Space


Dressing room is both a room and special furniture. The storage system of clothes, shoes, accessories, bed linen and some household equipment can be implemented in the form of a shelving or closet-dressing room. Such furniture is more functional and ergonomic in comparison with the classic wardrobe, has many compartments, and each has its own purpose. In private houses, multi-room apartments, a separate room is often assigned to a dressing room, installing furniture around the perimeter. If this is not possible, the dressing room is equipped in a niche. Often, a part of a studio apartment, a bedroom, or a spacious entrance hall is allocated for the storage of clothes.

Katrina Antonovich - The Best Dressing Room Designer

Designed furniture for the dressing room can be bought in Dubai, but it is better to order its production on an individual project in Luxury Antonovich Design Company. This is due to the fact that such a storage system must fill the entire space along the walls in the room or part of the room reserved for it so that there are no empty sections left.

You can instantly clean your house from the things that have filled it with the help of your wardrobe room, for the installation of which two walls and 4 square meters are enough. Another undoubted advantage of the dressing room by Luxury Antonovich Design is the ability to safely try on a new thing or change clothes. A large mirror, properly positioned light sources, the presence of an iron and ironing board will simplify and speed up the process of preparing for going out.


Wardrobe rooms from Luxury Antonovich Design are used as a place to store things, apply makeup, select accessories, clean up or change clothes. In a sense, this is the same wardrobe closet, with the only difference being that you can enter the dressing room as if in a separate room, which can be turned into a real boudoir with a light hand of a professional designer of our company.

Dressing rooms of our exclusive production and individual design, differ in a huge number of modular elements, the choice of materials of facades, and also durability of operation. Fittings of wardrobe and dressing systems, filling the internal sections of cabinets — everything is repelled by your wishes and depending on your needs: hangers, pantographs, drawers, drawers for shirts, laundry baskets, stands for shoes.

Wardrobe room by Luxury Antonovich Design will surprise you with its modern and very stylish design. For their manufacture we use only high-quality materials, such as — colored, glossy or frosted glass, original drawings and patterns, mirrors, wood of expensive species. Some models also include Swarovski crystals, diamond cutting, full color black and white or color printing, you can also make a wardrobe with your personal design or pattern.

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