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Custom Home Cinema Fit-Out


Stylish in design and impeccable in quality classic home cinema, made by Luxury Antonovich Design Company using natural materials is striking in its beauty. The decoration with natural fit-out materials and specialized exquisite furniture bring grace, unique original style to the cinema space, and reflect the individuality of the owner.

Katrina Antonovich - Best Home Cinema Designer

A classic home cinema made by our designers is a combination of high-quality audio and video devices, as well as architectural, construction and fit-out solutions of our best specialists aimed at creating the optimal conditions for watching movies in their own home. Choosing the interior deign for a classic home cinema, we, as the best company in the field of fit-out, invest in creating beauty and aesthetics that will not become obsolete and will not lose their value.


The fit-out of walls and the ceiling of the room in which the home cinema is located carries an aesthetic and functional significance. The general appearance of the cinema and its acoustic characteristics depend on the type of fit-out materials on the wall and ceiling surfaces. For their decoration our designers chose wood — a warm natural material that looks both luxurious and cozy in fit-out of home cinema from Luxury Antonovich Design. To do this, our designer had to play with its color and texture, add carvings, moldings, gilding and tinting. As the result we got a unique cinema interior.

Decorating a classic home cinema with decorative wood panels deserves special attention and admiration and provides many advantages. Wooden panels has excellent acoustic properties and an unrivaled appearance. Exclusive home cinema interior from Luxury Antonovich Design emphasizes respectability and good taste of the host. Profile furniture for the home cinema with channels of hidden switching equipment and ventilated compartments was selected on the basis of the overall style, functionality, dimensions and design of this amazing home cinema.

Luxury Antonovich Design specialists offer interesting solutions for creating powerful cinema halls with rich functionality. Our company carries out home cinema design on the basis of premises of any size and configuration. When creating a project, all possible factors that can affect the sound quality and perception are taken into account.

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