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Exterior Fit-Out Works For Modern House


Every house owner strives to create a comfortable environment and a stylish interior design. But for a complex picture, it is also necessary to remember an important component — the exterior of the house. Because the exterior fit-out by Luxury Antonovich Design becomes the original business card that advertises your house, and also is an indicator of the status and stylistic preferences of the owner.

High-quality exterior fit-out of the facade of a country house is no less important than its interior design and landscape of the backyard territory. That is why to ensure that your house does not look too simple, we recommend using the services of Luxury Antonovich Design for fit-out and facade design, as well as creating an individual exterior of the house. Exclusive design of house exterior, development of unique facade design — not a complete list of services of the Luxury Antonovich Design.

Exterior fit-out of a modern house from our company also performs a more important function — the preservation of temperature and the fragile microclimate in the house is necessary; high-quality facade fit-out reduces energy consumption and increases the service life of the house.


The construction project of this modern house is being carried out in stages by Luxury Antonovich Design. In general, there are four important stages with all subsections:

— Filling of the base and construction of walls;

— Beam ceiling and roof installation;

— Installation of windows, doors;

— Exterior fit-out.

Each stage is important, but the exterior fir-out is of key importance for the house owners — high-quality facade decoration allows to extend the life of the house, and make the house original and beautiful.

The decoration of the facade of a modern house from Luxury Antonovich Design was carried out using high quality natural materials:

  • Textured, decorative plaster;
  • Natural stone — granite;
  • Glass;
  • Finishing tiles;
  • Precious wood.

Clear forms, simplicity and brevity — the main concept of the project of the house in modern style. It has large windows and panoramic ensembles. When designing a modern house with minimalist elements, a bright color scheme is used in combination with dark gray granite.

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