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Successful project is the project that was completed on time, within the budget and planned quality indicators. Project management by Luxury Antonovich Design is a comprehensive control, inspection and commissioning service at every stage of a construction project. Owners, contractors and investors must ensure that a number of requirements are met at each stage of a construction project. Our project management services include monitoring, inspections and commissioning of any facilities, regardless of their size or location.

Project management by Luxury Antonovich Design is an integrated approach to the process of control, supervision and commissioning at each stage of the construction process of the project. Our company is a world leader in project management, which is why we can offer you our global experience in all aspects of construction. Proceeding from this, our qualified team can help you reduce the time spent on technical tasks, prevent mistakes in construction, as well as control the financial component and ensure that work is done in accordance with the established schedule. In addition, our professionals will help you ensure compliance with all mandatory and recommendatory requirements, as well as important customer conditions.


The project of any property from Luxury Antonovich Design includes important components — this is the architectural, construction and engineering part. The first part provides detailed drawings showing the parameters, sizes and quantities of materials, design features and design ideas. 

The engineering part includes features of communication, plumbing, heating, electrics and all other components that ensure the normal functioning of the facility and comfortable operation by people. The project is developed taking into account the existing rules and regulations, so a well-written document will help warn against possible problems during construction.

Project Management from Luxury Antonovich Design provides:

— drawing up technical specifications for the design of real estate;

— development of plans and budgets for project implementation;

— obtaining the necessary permits and approvals;

— regulation of financial expenses of each stage of the project;

— monitoring compliance with the deadlines for implementation;

— selection of contracting companies;

— selection of suppliers of materials and equipment;

— conclusion of contracts with contractors and suppliers of building materials;

— management of the design of the object;

— management of construction, reconstruction, fit-out works and landscaping;

— connection of the object to the engineering networks;

— building object commissioning;

— implementation of technical and architectural supervision.

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