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Consulting Engineering Dubai

Engineering consulting in Dubai is an analysis of an existing or preparing to launch a project by qualified and professional engineers with many years of experience, their consultation, and, if necessary, specific proposals for resolving problems and inaccuracies.

Our licensed specialists owe different expert knowledge in various qualifications, including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental, geotechnical, chemical and industrial. At our consulting engineering firm, a team of experienced experts can perform many distinctive educational, technical and mechanical roles that can help solve or prevent any problems. Consulting engineers can develop an entire project, or they can be responsible for only one component of the project, depending on the need and desire of the customer. Their support can be provided throughout the process, from start to finish, to facilitate better decisions.

Consulting Engineering Dubai

Luxury Antonovich Design experts as soon as possible will present you an optimal, unconventional solution designed specifically for your needs. In consulting engineering, there are opportunities for engineers and other professionals with a wide range of technical and personal skills. In our consulting engineering company you will find people with:

  • each type of technical specialization;
  • wide range of ages and levels of experience;
  • business, financial and administrative expertise;
  • building knowledge and experience;
  • management expertise;
  • business development skills;
  • project managers.

Consulting Engineering Dubai

Our services include all three main types of consulting: expert, training and process. Expert advice is a one-time solution to a specific problem. Training consultancy is related to the transfer to the client of a structured set of theoretical knowledge in a specific field, it does not involve solving specific problems of the client and studying the specifics of the client business by us like consultant. The main idea of the process consulting is a deep immersion in the problems of the enterprise and business, joint work with the client on the problem solving (as well as the technology for solving such problems). In process consulting, we organize the process, monitor and regulate its course, depending on the current situation, we apply one or another technique or method.

Consulting Engineering Dubai

Engineering Consulting in Dubai creates an environment, offers tools for competent, comprehensive, effective technical re-equipment, which allows for competitiveness. It is important to note that Luxury Antonovich Design Company can provide a project support service in another city. Our experts can travel to any city to provide consulting services or develop a full-fledged independent project. Turning to us, you get many years of experience of the best engineers of Dubai in your city.

Consulting Engineering Dubai

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