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Bedrooms interior design UAE

The triumph of classic style and lush luxury we see in this interior of the bedroom. In this version, it was necessary to decorate a large room, which according to the elite house design project was allocated for the interior of the main, master bedroom. Designers of the interior studio Luxury Antonovich design continue the overall design concept of the project, which consists in creating an image of elegant palace luxury. In the interior, there is a very interesting moment. Basically, all the direction of the interior decoration is equally taken part in the formation of a holistic image of the bedroom interior. So, for example, the decor of the walls is quite saturated with such traditional moment as stucco molding and gilding elements. But thanks to the color palette of the walls, which is dominated by a muted cream shade, this moment gives the room a cozy and calm charm. In the ceiling decor, designers use a pleasant pearly-white color, against the background of, the magnificent crystal chandelier looks perfectly. The example of this interior, we can observe a unique option, when the bed has its important role in the general image of the interior, but far from the main one. The basis of the bed beauty was headboard with soft upholstery made of genuine leather and inlaid with the carved handmade decor. The brightest accents were moments of textile design. The bed is decorated with a luxurious silk veil in blue shades, and the bed itself is directly located on a large natural carpet with a classic ornament. The very flooring of noble marble emphasizes the luxury of this interior. 

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