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Katrina Antonovich has made her name through the top list of the best interior designers in the United States of America. Hearing her name, you will initially think about her amazing works and her love for perfection when it comes to architecture and interior design. Her company Luxury Antonovich Design have showcased amazing craftsmanship with their passionate architects and designers. Their prowess and architectural mastery have been a top competitor especially when it comes to luxury designing. They have been exerting their best efforts and hard work that is why they have achieved their reputation over many decades of passionate craftsmanship. Theyve contributed to the best palaces and abodes with their amazing hard work. With the companys revolutionized global competency, they were able to become the best and most sought after architecture and interior design company.


The serenity of their works is the epitome of the best design concepts around the globe. Their dynamic innovation of perfection is able to stand the ever-changing trends which made one of the most competitive company globally. In this article, you will see one of a kind bedroom design which is filled with unique elements that make up an amazing space for relaxation. The team of Luxury Antonovich Design came up with these bedroom essentials that will transform your spaces to a serene and safe haven. The model room in this article is mainly designed with pastel purple accented with gold which depicts luxury living.

  • The Bed: This is the most important part of having a bedroom. The designers came up with the idea of making it look practical, functional, and also stylish at the same time. From the images above you will notice how the velvet headboard added a touch of luxury to the bed. The whole concept of the bed is custom made a frame with a unique shaped headboard with gold embellishment that adds a striking touch of elegance.
  • Seating Area: The extra seating which you can see in this model room is a nice comfortable sofa. It is a great space which will give you a place to read your books or do some personal stuff.
  • Lighting: This model room has a beautiful crystal chandelier which creates a nice reflection throughout the bedroom. The dramatic circle chandelier with fringes is an amazing eye-catching element. The table lamps also add a nice touch of lighting which sets the mood in the bedroom.
  • Fixtures: Every room needs fixtures or what we also call accessories. This adds a personal touch to the whole design. The decorative silk pillows and bed cover adds a chic look to the whole design aesthetic. The curtains, also add a nice warm look as it also serves a function of privacy. The planters give life to the bedroom and let the air circulate better.

These are just a few of the companys mastery designs and watch out for more as you explore the wonderful creations of Luxury Antonovich Design.

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