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With a little help of colors, the bedroom will have a better aura and look. Colors represent how the bedroom will look like. For example, the appearance of dark colors will dim the bedroom and the use of light colors make it look warmer. In this bedroom design by Luxury Antonovich Design, they used pastel to make it look charming and soft. Pastel is also a nice adaptable color which makes it look perfect with any interior and fixture. It is the best fit for elegant and feminine bedrooms which has a sophisticated interior and design. Our professionals created this room with a pastel palette and we wanted to share this project with you so you'll get an idea of how to pull off a pastel bedroom. You'll notice the sensual and subtle art in this gorgeous pastel bedroom. Our professionals incorporated this bedroom with 


The trend of pastel has been around since the 80's however it's taking a toll this year as one of the trendiest colors for interior design. The popularity of different shades makes it perfect for a relaxing and chill room. It is definitely a true moment for pastel this year. Pink is one of the best colors in the pastel spectrum it might not be too bold to be too attractive but it is somehow an amazing shade that can be easily pulled off. The most striking feature of this bedroom is the highlights of pink that are incorporated in the bed, wall and even the curtain. The usage of pink in this bedroom makes it look neutral and it makes space look feminine. It is known for California bedrooms to be wide in space and incorporating these pastels completes the ambiance. Along with the pink is the subtle pop of pastel blue which creates a nice balance between the two color hues. It might be a rare pick but these colors create a perfect-pair that creates an aesthetically pleasing bedroom. 


There are many reasons to choose pastel for your room. It also is a perfect color for a strong and independent woman or even your pre-teenage daughters. The look is simple, clean, and sharp which makes it refreshing and pleasing to the eyes of many. Here are some of the reasons for choosing pastel in your bedroom. 

  • It is a color for all ages. It's luxurious and elegant which makes it the perfect bedroom for all ages.
  • It helps brighten the mood. Pastel is a perfect color without imposing too much white in a bedroom. 
  • it is perfect for any interior. Marble, wood, and any material are perfect with the pastel hue. It accentuates the features of the bedroom and highlights the focal points which make the room look playful and fun. 

Discover and admire our innovative home design and architecture and make sure to take a look at the images for more inspiration. 

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