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Luxury Oriental Style Bedroom Interior

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The magnificence of the bedroom interior admires for its beauty and luxury. Interior Design Dubai, which is offered to customers by Antonovich Group reflects the trend of grandeur and comfort at the peak of urgency in this beautiful country. Bedroom design has become a part of the authors project of one of the luxury villas in Dubai. Spacious place with high ceilings has been created by talented interior designers in Dubai, giving a truly palatial splendor. The ceiling is decorated with a niche with multiple tiers. Fine outlines of the niche are illuminated with a line of the soft blue backlight. This beauty is complemented by a wide strip of curls stucco decoration, festive lights of the massive chandelier, and a variety of ceiling lights. An elite design studio in Dubai offers the best that exists today. In this authors project, the basis of a luxurious bedroom image is a comfortable bed with a high carved headboard. All carved decoration in the bedroom interior is covered with gold leaf. Gold looks very impressive against the backdrop of a soft wall panel, which is upholstered in noble velvet of blue nightshade. This composition is accompanied by opposite wall decor. Bedroom design is in the best traditions of modern luxury.

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