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2 bedroom house plans


A Classic design with Elegance, this is how we can describe this Bedroom Design. Creating every classic bedroom design has been always an extra challenging task for every designer. Aside from the fact that it requires a very detailed and more of creative carvings, most of a Classic design concept necessitates using a unique piece of materials and customized furniture’s. Since that the Luxury Antonovich design is very well known for the world-class services and implementation most especially with Classic Design Concept, The full team has been always stating that to achieve a very successful Classical Design, a proper implementation and development of the House plan is very necessary to prioritize. And once that the House plan has been successfully implemented; there is always an assurance to achieve the Perfect Design of the project according to its main requirements from the Client.

How to do the proper Design and Decoration of a Luxurious Classic Bedroom Design

The perfect implementation of proper blending of colours and scheme that is the main secret of the success of this Bedroom. With the best selection of neutral and light colours, we have able to achieve the most perfect blending of colours thru the materials and furniture’s that we have selected. Everyone to see this design will immediately notice that most accurate balancing of space throughout the full bedroom area. Most of the Furniture’s and materials that have been used in this bedroom design is either unique peace or customized. Let us begin with the main attraction of this bedroom, the very elegant and luxurious Bed has been properly selected, we have associated it with a very nice backdrop. There is nothing more comfortable than lying in the most relax and calm bed as we have selected a premium class of fabrics matching with the curtains. Two pairing exclusively designed chairs have been displayed with the elegant round centre table. A very Elegant chandelier has been balancing installed associated with very detailed golden linings and details on the entire ceiling scheme. To be matched with the other bedroom of the house, a very classic door design with a hardwood material and gold linings has been installed. We have managed to put up a flat screen TV across the bed, it has been perfectly decorated with unique linings and carvings and it has been associated with a classic design table with drawers. The very balance blending of Purple, Gold, cream and white is one of the best assets of this luxurious classic style bedroom as it perfectly delivers a unique style in a very elegant result. Working with great inspiration and passion is always the root of every success of every work by Luxury Antonovich design as it always promises to bring out all the best result and out of this world creativity and style throughout every project.

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