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Bathroom Designs in UAE

Bathroom ideas from Luxury Antonovich Design are creation comfortable and unique interiors according to their purpose. Such place as bathroom could well be a product of design art. That clearly demonstrates the project

Development of bathroom designs has several features:

  • This is a special approach to the selection of materials
  • Consideration the safe use of household appliances
  • Harmony with the overall design concept of the house.

In this project,the decor basis of the walls and floors made a natural marble. The highlight of the interior became bright mosaic in black and gold tones with floral ornaments. bathroom ideas continuing luxury of the villa classic interior . The decoration of the ceiling there is a magnificent stucco and elegant chandelier. The bathroom is framed by black marble and two elegant pilasters. Furniture inlaid with carved decoration with gold leaf gilding. The large window is curtained with luxurious drapes of dark velvet.

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