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Bathroom Interior Design Art Deco

House design in Abu Dhabi is in the classical style. Interior designers have created a luxury apartment with a very lush and pompous appearance. Apartment impresses with its solemn and elegant image. Each room in the house is unique in its beauty and is comparable to the work of design art. This applies to the interior of one of the bathrooms. The luxurious interior has a very sunny character. Interior Designers Abu Dhabi use natural stone and marble in warm colors. A carved decoration, which is covered with gold leaf, brings to the interior a special shade of chic and respectability. Boiserie is filled with decorative plaster with marble texture. The ceiling is decorated with an elegant wave curls of stucco decoration. Bathroom design reflects the luxury of the royal palace. The interior was decorated with two graceful marble pillars with molded capitals. Interior Design in Abu Dhabi is always unique and luxurious interiors that highlight the status of owners of houses and apartments. Bathroom design tunes up to positive emotions and feeling that youre on top of the world.

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