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Bathroom design in pink tones

The design of the bathroom in the house is quite a versatile trend in the art of interior design. After all, as a rule, in the elite private houses, the project includes several bathrooms.This is a masters bathroom, a bathroom for guests and a bathroom for childrens rooms. And this charming bathroom design is designed specifically for the childrens bedroom. Bathroom design options for children are also associated with child psychology. And the choice of color scheme is based on the fact that the childrens bedroom belongs to two daughters of the owners of the house at the age of five years. The design in the bathroom is filled with charming moments in the decor. For the walls, designers of the interior design studio Luxury Antonovich Design suggested the imitation of the brickwork, which is painted in soft pink and milky white shades. A bright range of colors visually expands the space. The design for a bathroom in pink tones also harmoniously continues the overall luxurious design concept of the entire house.A luxurious mosaic panel with a picture of butterflies became an exquisite piece of decor. A beautiful bathroom design is an aesthetic perfection and impeccability in every detail. Very comfortable and functional space gives pleasant aesthetic emotions. Bathroom design ideas from the design studio Antonovich Design are always unrepeatable and unique.

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