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Project Villa Dubai

Architectural firm Dubai offers original projects of any complexity of large and small architectural forms. Every order we approach with caution and take into account all the needs of customers to create the perfect home and exceed their dreams and expectations. This architectural project in the style of modern classics is designed for a small hotel complex. The complex includes a number of comfortable and high-quality buildings with two floors with open terraces and balconies. Laconic classics and elegant architectural image is set to a comfortable and relaxing way. This is a complex project that included the design of the pool, the development of creative interior design and landscaping. In such a way the designers achieved complete harmony and conformity of the chosen style of the project. Architects Dubai basing on slim and perfect system of subordination of all the elements of the architectural ensemble put a harmonious combination of all the elements to ensure the effective operation of the installation and the creation of absolute comfort for each guest. The same configuration of the building is combined in a unified and consistent way. Conditional center of this image has become a large swimming pool with a rectangular bowl, which is lined with mosaic tiles. Subtleties of architectural design are in skillful ability to combine traditions and modern technology, materials, colors and textures. Creative thinking allows the architect in the early stages of the project to provide all the subtleties and nuances, and create a perfect architectural structure.

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