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Luxury architecture

Luxurious Facade

With great interior comes a great exterior. These two goes hand-in-hand when it comes to architecture and design. It is important that the aesthetics match so that the house looks neat and elegant. In the model house shown above it is designed as a modern glass house. The theme is sleek and neat which is derived from a minimalist feature. Luxury Antonovich Design is well known when it comes to incorporating ideas, this modern glass house has a contemporary tone which makes it a more livable space. Mixing innovation with the company's vision they are able to construct a refined house. The luxurious facade indicates a well-curated home with a well thought off architecture. It allows a remarkable visual design that pleases the senses. 

Tailored Design

Designed uniquely for each client the company makes sure that they have everything in place. From the foundation, the design and the complete construction, they make sure that everything is in order. The exclusivity of this house design is what separates –Luxury Antonovich Design– from their rivals. They make sure to have a well-planned blueprint and they see to it that it is followed. 

  • Customized: Their design is customized per client, and the possibilities are endless. They consider the space, the elements, and the finishing, and makes sure that everything is complimentary. The company makes sure that their clients will get the maximum benefit of the house design. 
  • Tried and Tested: Using glass as part of the exterior is a bit tricky, we make sure that we install high-quality glasses that don't just bend and break. 
  • Design: Considering a neat and classic minimalist look, the house represents a neat and tidy space that reflects the client's lifestyle. Looking at this design concept above you can easily recognize the sophistication and elegance, it feels like the house has a personality of its own. 
  • Texture: Mixing different textures adds a fun playful touch to the modern home. The usage of bricks gives it a masculine touch while the wood adds a rustic tone which sets a light mood in the house. 
  • Landscape: The intricate landscape design makes a bold statement in this architecture. It adds a space where you and your family can spend time outdoors and it will give a little contrast with its greeneries and florals. 
  • Neutrals: The neutral color palette is always a perfect base in building a house. It is easier to balance the shades and it is much easier to add a striking accent color to give it a little twist.  

Glass houses are intimidating, It looks like as if it is hard to live inside an intricate and delicate element. That is why the Luxury Antonovich Design company makes sure that their clients change their perception regarding glass houses. It is a very sleek and modern style of house that will adapt to the modern world's lifestyle. 

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