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In the interior, everything should be fine, every room, every corner, every square centimeter. It is on this principle that the designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design work. The interior design of the apartment in the classical style implies that this style will decorate every corner of the apartment with luxury. The decoration of a small bathroom for guests embodies elegance, nobility, and aristocracy, which are inherent in the classical style. The walls are decorated with elite wallpaper with traditional ornaments. Light wallpaper shades a strip of solid valuable wood, which adorned the lower part of the walls. Complement wall decor beautiful artists paintings with picturesque images, which depict flowers. To visually increase space, namely, to make the ceiling look higher, interior designers use a time-honored idea in the form of a niche with edging in the form of a wide molding with stucco decor. The interior is illuminated by an elegant chandelier in classical style with forged elements and small neat lampshades. The luxurious interior is complemented by beautiful Italian bathroom furniture. Furniture made of natural wood is encrusted with the luxurious carved decor. Also, the oval mirror in a massive carved frame with gilding looks very beautiful in the interior. After all, when it comes to luxury interiors, there is absolutely no room for trifles. Marble tiles on the floor of a dark brown shade visually continue the decor of the walls and serve as a part of practicality and functionality in the interior of a small bathroom.

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