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Luxury Bathroom Interior

Luxury bathroom interior image is due to the peculiarities of the architectural layout of the apartment in Dubai and those effective solution that are offered by interior designers Luxury Antonovich Design. The highlight of the interior is the big round tub, which is placed on the podium at the panoramic windows. Bathroom is decorated with mosaic tiles of pleasant creamy. Additional lighting emphasizes the amazing pearly luster tiles. In the window decor the designers use luxurious curtains of delicate translucent creamy silk. The ceiling design forms a perfect geometry of luxurious bathroom space. Above the bathtub the ceiling is decorated with a round medallion with stucco and elegant chandelier in the classical style. Apartment design in Dubai reflects the elegance and gentility of modern classics. The ceiling is outlined with the line of gilded molding. This item is in perfect harmony with the shower design. The cabin is limited with a transparent glass with a trim of gold-plated metal. Design Studio Dubai offered luxury bathroom design option.

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