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Modern Facade Design


Creating a Modern Façade Design has been always a Challenging task for the Designer, Architect and Project Manager and yet it is also considered as a very exciting Work as the team will be able to explore and be more creative in providing new different stylish way of decorating the façade. In this Modern way of Living, Modern style of façade is very in demand from the client most especially in Private Villas.  

This Modern Façade Design has been considered a lot of guidelines and points from the Client, However, there is some arrangement that has been well presented with the perfect advice from our Team. Indeed, we have achieved a very well balanced in the elevation design of this house. It was identically Modern Style in the most luxurious and unique way. We have made a very stylish fence design with an automatic wide door for the garage. We have used a prestigious style of wide glass tinted windows with a perfect balancing for every area. A very relaxing seating area has been placed in the outdoor with a perfect selection of an elegant set of chairs and table matched with a transparent outdoor curtain. We have managed to put up a small swimming pool area, However, its modern touch won't deny as we have decorated it with metallic water fountain, a manmade waterfall with a natural plant installed on the wall. A relaxing pool area has been arranged and we have chosen a native material for the base.  Local Plants and trees have been scattered arranged surrounding the full façade. Modern and stylish decorative façade materials can be seen in all areas as well, it has been made of Metallic and stainless items.  

This Modern Facade Design has been perfectly arranged and finished wonderfully. As we have made sure that the structure’s atmosphere is reflective of its Modern setting and the owner’s attraction trendy and artistic. Using clean lines Luxury Antonovich Design was able to capture the soul of the setting while making an atmosphere supportive of life and relaxation. 

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