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Master bedroom design project


You will see that there is something alluring about an all-white bedroom interior. You might say that it is very simple, but it is also stunningly elegant. A white bedroom with elegant and relaxing design can also bring on peace and serenity. The crisp and clean look of an all-white bedroom with accent colors is not only impactful but can completely transform the room depending on the type of color you choose. Choosing a nice warm and neutral color can pop out through the white which also brings a dramatic effect without taking away too much attention from the whole space. You will love how we created this all-white space that is perfect for your bedroom to keep it tranquil and crisp. We paired this minimalist theme with a touch of the contemporary style, This bedroom is full of enticing pieces which intrigues the eyes of the guests. You will notice that the bedroom looks more elegant and unique. This clean space is accented perfectly with different accenting pieces to add a touch of elegance and a pop of color. In this bedroom, you will notice that we left out a huge amount of space to make sure that the room is not congested with too much furniture. The white interior also blends with the colorful elements outside the window which bridges two worlds together.


We designed this all-white room with different elements just look at the bed and you will see that we utilized a mirror which serves as a headboard. It complements the bedroom and it also adds a nice reflective space which makes the room look wider and bigger. We also added a chic effect to this bedroom by adding touches of gold which is super luxurious as well. There’s something about gold that brings our elegance to a bedroom. The touches of metallic pieces to the white space really brings out the beauty in the bedroom. The greatest thing about an all-white room is how the arrangement of furniture affects the entire space. White also bounces light to make the room look more luminous and bright. Here are some of the elements that we decided to add in this bedroom.

  • Lighting: Notice how we placed two chandeliers strategically because we wanted to highlight both areas of this master bedroom. Surrounding the chandelier are pin lights which creates a nice and warm feel in the bedroom.
  • Sitting area: A sitting area in a master bedroom is not too common. That is why we placed a sitting area so you can entertain guests even at the comfort of your own home. We customized the sofa and upholstered it with crisp and clean white leather.
  • Color: The color that we added in this bedroom is gold and neutral shades of brown to keep the room more neutral and elegant.
  • Curtains: Curtains are important because it also creates a dramatic effect to the bedroom. Having a curtain that matches the design and the aesthetics of the bedroom makes it look more unique in every way.

White bedrooms can look intimidating but once you see how beautiful and elegant it looks like you would surely fall in love with it. Feel free to message us for more details about designing your bedrooms.

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