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3 bedroom house design

Modern Style Bedroom – By Katerina Antonovich

There is nothing more fulfilling than coming home and embracing a very Luxurious and Elegantly design Bedroom. After a very long Day of a very tiring work or Lifestyle Activities, it was such a great feeling to have a rest in a crisp bed covering a Premium class of fabrics and surrounding yourself with all the creative features around your Bedroom. Living on a City life was indeed full of prestige however very tiring and noisy surroundings. That is why we always looking for the best comfortable space that could fulfil the inner piece for yourself as a daily treat. The Chief Designer Herself – Ms Katerina Antonovich is making sure that she has always a personal touch in every signature project that the Company has to be done. That is one of the main reasons why the Luxury Antonovich Design is consistently the Top Architectural and Interior Design Company Worldwide.

A very Stylish and Trendy Bedroom Design

This Wonderful bedroom Design is situated created for a very luxurious design Home which is located in the heart of the city. That is why the Owner of this project has been decided to select a Modern Style House to be able to cope up with the city lifestyle. This very Elegant Bedroom Design is inspired by a Luxurious Hotel like ambience. All the Materials and the furniture’s that we have selected and installed is all from Premium and High-class quality. To begin with, the Ceiling Scheme, as you enter this bedroom you will immediately feel the very cosy ambience as it has the perfect blending of Lighting and a very wonderful piece of Circular Chandelier which is made up of Metallic Gold and Crystals. We have decided to maintain the neutral colour for the walls as it is incorporated with metallic stylish decorations. A combination of greyish and white Marble has been installed and from the bed area we have put up a very nice carpet design. As the main centre of attraction of this Modern style Bedroom, We have been selected a superb style King sized grey colour bed completed with a premium quality of Materials and fabrics. A very stylish bed backdrop has been installed with the length up to the ceiling. Across the bed, we have managed to put up a flat-screen TV and arranged a set of two comfortable chairs. A very stylish side lamp which is matching the design with the Chandelier has been installed in the different side of the Bedroom. We have managed to provide a spacious walk-in closet for this bedroom design and still sticking up with the modern style concept of the entire bedroom. It results in a very organized design and easy to clean. From the top view, we can see that this bedroom doesn’t have that wide space, however, with the best creativity of Luxury Antonovich Design Team, it has been managed to maximize all the spaces of this bedroom that results to a very creative and Luxurious Modern Style Bedroom.

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