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Luxury flooring design


Due to the magnificent characteristics of natural stone, it is often used to make a variety of decorative elements. The most famous of them are panels, frescoes, mosaics and rosettes. A marble panel by Luxury Antonovich Design is a picture designed to fill a specific part of the floor. Marble rosette is a unique and exquisite element of your design. It is able to decorate any room, giving it a special elegance and sophistication. With it, you can easily emphasize the overall style of your home, hotel, restaurant or bank.

Marble from which the panel is made, with a wide range of colors, allows us to create different patterns. Due to the structure of this natural stone, the panel is easily polished and not exposed to external factors. The use of marble panels and rosettes from Luxury Antonovich Design for the floor fit-out is a sign of luxury and wealth of the owners.


Due to the natural properties of marble, it is easy to process even the smallest details, it will help to create a perfect drawing, considering even the smallest subtleties. Also, the wide color range of marble makes it possible to create a panel with a whole palette of colors. With the help of the picture, you can emphasize your personal qualities and advantages. The marble panel will highlight your delicate taste and life preferences.

Marble panels in the floor fit-out perfectly fit into any interior and successfully highlight the style of the room. A marble panel by Luxury Antonovich Design will give the spirit of antiquity to your living room, dining room or bathroom, and in the halls of administrative buildings, shopping centers, hotel complexes, offices and enterprises it will be a sign of sophistication and prestige of the premises.

Rosette by Luxury Antonovich Design is a mosaic image made in the form of a flower with blooming petals. Each of them has the same size and shape. We create rosettes from marble or other natural material by fitting the smallest stones, laying out a given pattern. The pattern looks just great because of their unusual texture.

If you want to use the panel or rosettes in your interior design, then you have two options. You can choose a ready-made pattern or on order for the manufacture of individual panels of marble.

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