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Creative floor design


Luxury Antonovich Design designers always have a lot of creative ideas on how to make an original floor design. From the fit-out materials of the floor depends on the final effect on the entire interior of the room. Marble floor in the interior of the house or office looks very stylish and indicates the welfare of its owner. Natural marble is classic that is always in fashion.

The advantages of the material include durability and strength. It is not afraid of stress, climate change and mechanical damage. Marble floor made by masters of Luxury Antonovich Design is associated with luxury, classic taste and elegance.

Marble, like any natural material has good energy, which is transmitted to the house and its owners. One of the main advantages is the beauty and uniqueness of the stone pattern, as well as the ability to combine different types and create incredible beauty of panels and marble floor friezes. Marble is a stone of palaces. It is not boring and predictable. This is a living stone with shades, streaks and unique pattern.


The use of large marble slabs for the floor fit-out from Luxury Antonovich Design allows to obtain a very smooth surface. Moreover, for the floor fit-out we can use plates which are cut from one marble block that allows receiving beautiful symmetric patterns. Marble is ideally combined only with natural fit-out materials:

— with metal;

— glass;

— and wood.

Marble is very rich in various colors and shades, which allows us to successfully combine different types of marble for floor surfaces fit-out. The intricacies of patterns on the surface of marble can create unique patterns that are without doubt unique. Marble floors decorated with a similar mosaic will not only have excellent performance characteristics, but will also have considerable artistic value.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company offers you professional services in interior fit-out with natural stone — marble. Throughout the process, from measuring to installation, you will be served by professionals who know everything about stone processing and care. If you want to install marble floor in complex-shaped rooms (oval office, round hall) or a complex marble pattern — our craftsmen know all the cutting and processing technologies of stone and will be able to realize your most original ideas. Waterjet technology allows us to make unique coatings and delight our customers.

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