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Classic floor design


The floor design by Luxury Antonovich Design is always harmoniously integrated into the interior composition. The choice of flooring is often dictated by the style of the room itself. So, for luxury classics from our craftsmen marble is traditionally chosen. Marble floor in the interior of the apartment is a real luxury, embodied with the help of natural material. Intricate weave patterns and the unusual texture of marble allows to create a unique design that will delight with natural beauty for many years. Polished marble floors have always been considered a sign of prosperity and nobility. Natural stone fit-out is a must-have element of luxury interior design. Its amazing structure makes it stand out among many other natural coatings. Marble floor has a unique beauty — it can be a monotonous shade or contain colored blotches, play pink, brown or even black.

Speaking about the color of the floor fir-out, it is important to remember some techniques of visual correction of the space, which always work. If this condition is met, the flooring may become a logical continuation of the composition. Luxury Antonovich Design masters work out in detail each of their projects, paying attention to creating a unique floor design. Floor panels offered by our designers are often valuable objects of art. To make the flooring be in harmony with the entire interior composition, it is worth saturating it with patterns and color accents in tune with the rest of the elements of decoration and fit-out.


In the classic interior the traditions of ancient architecture merged together. Classic provides naturalness, correct proportions and simplicity. Marble floors will provide a unique basis for creating a classic setting. Before laying the flooring, it is necessary to consider the dimensions and features of the room. After all, marble in the interior performs not only a practical function, but also a decorative one.

One of the best interior designers, Katrina Antonovich, who has been designing luxurious interiors for more than 10 years, and her professional team specializes in the production and installation of turn-key marble floors, art panels, and details of exclusive interiors made of natural stone (marble, granite, onyx), providing services of natural stone cladding of various elements of home and office interiors: fireplaces, stairs, facades, floors, walls and windows. We perform the laying, grinding, polishing and crystallization of marble floors, walls and columns.

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