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Landscaping architecture


The appearance and feel of this premium modern external design are transformed by a well-landscaped yard. This type of setting will reap the benefits of superb landscaping, from exterior lighting to flower beds to excellent lawn management and irrigation systems. We consider how sunlight, shade, wind, drainage, water availability, and foot traffic patterns will affect how the garden grows, as well as the balance of grass, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables for this luxury landscape design in the UAE. This premium Dubai garden landscaping may have the most gorgeous landscape for a modern residence.


Before we begin planting, we consider several factors for this luxury modern landscape design. While many people rush to their local gardening supply store to browse, preparing ahead of time will allow you to select plants that will meet your needs and thrive in your location. Its easy to get persuaded into purchasing plants that appear lovely in the store, only to discover later that theyre not suitable for your area. A landscape study that takes these and other aspects into account is an important first step in garden planning. We begin by drawing a map of the yard, noting any existing trees, plants, slopes, patios, and other characteristics.

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