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Landscape Design UAE


Aside from a very nice weather of United Arab Emirates, The Country itself has very wide varieties of land areas which the property owners can be able to have a very nice and spacious Landscape area. It was indeed very relaxing to have a colourful and stylish Landscape area in every House. It can add up the fresh atmosphere and place where the family can bond and enjoy the very wonderful Landscape design. A perfect landscape design is usually composed of colourful plants, Trees, artistic arrangement of grass, Installation of different kinds of sculpture, Fountain, Swimming pool Gazebo and all the special outdoor features.

The composition of a Paradise like Landscape Design

This Project has been considered as one of the special that we are currently handling, The composition of this Palace project was indeed very detailed as all the structural elements are from the premium class and high standard quality of Materials. Let us Begin with the Grand Gate Design, From this main Entrance of this Palace, you will immediately feel how fascinating it could be once you have reached the inside of the structure. The gate design up the boundary walls is made up of Concrete materials as well as dustproof paint. We have put up two pairs of Lion sculpture as the main decoration of the gate design. We have managed to put up an outdoor chandelier matching with the design of the outdoor lamp. The outdoor gypsum, balustrade has been perfectly arranged and decorated the full gate design with perfect carvings. The roof design and materials that have been used is exactly the same quality that we have put up for the entire palace. From the aerial view, you can see how fascinating the whole area has been developed. We have extended the decoration display for the outdoor lamps and chandelier all throughout the exterior design. Since that this palace is painted with pure white, It has been well decorated with a very decorative balustrade and outdoor gypsum very nicely. The outdoor tall lamps have been scattered decorated in full landscape area. A barbeque and outdoor cooking area have been arranged in one part of the landscape area. The best thing that has been made up this landscape design very amazing is the very proper installation and arrangement of decorative and colourful plan scattered on the full landscape area. A man-made wooden bridge has been created over the lagoon as another perfect attraction of the landscape design; It has been matched with a wooden small gazebo beside it. The Grand Entrance of this palace was indeed such a Luxurious design as we have selected the most exceptional design of the main door. The Main Entrance of the house is surrounded by the very stylish and detailed decorations on the walls and gypsum works. A huge and grand outdoor chandelier has been installed as well. The perfect alignment of the driveway from the main gate coming to the Main Entrance of the house is has been done creatively. The architects and designers of this palace made sure that it has very symmetrical elevations as they did a very balanced coordination of windows, doors balcony design.

This project was indeed one of the Masterpieces of Luxury Antonovich Design Team. From all the materials that have been used up to the developments and implementation, the full force team has been successfully provided all the best and exceptional work to achieve all the best and success in completing this project.

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