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Landscaping design in Nigeria

The architectural design of the villa by Luxury Antonovich Design has a very bright and lush character.

This is a deep and multi-faceted project that includes architectural design, interior design, exterior design and landscape design. Exquisite and unique in its beauty, the image of the house is based on a harmonious combination of architectural elements, decor, materials, hues, and textures. The highlight of the project was a refined combination of roofs with different configurations. Architects Dubai skillfully combined roofs ( skylights, domed, and multi-sloped).

The exterior design of the villa corresponds to the best canons of modern classics.

And the authors of the project added the traditional moments of unique beauty. The natural warm shade of the house fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape design. And the territory around the house itself became an exquisite architectural pearl. Interior designers harmoniously combine elements of landscape design with the external appearance of the building. A lush fence with forged elements adds lushness to the image of the house. The exterior design of the house also emphasizes the wonderful taste of its owners and their love of art. The entire perimeter is decorated with exquisite bas-reliefs. The entrance portal is full of nobility and dignity, thanks to graceful columns and a luxurious pediment.

The Luxury Antonovich Design landscape designers managed to achieve amazing harmony and aesthetic perfection.

And looking at such a luxurious facade of the house you very clearly understand that inside it no less luxurious interior. Landscape design and exterior design are always very closely interrelated.

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