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What is Joinery? This is the question that is often being asked of many, most especially during the inquiry stage of customers. The joinery is the major woodwork that completes every interior design. Joinery works are being conducted by skilled joiners who perform different types of specific tasks in every project. Joiners create every wood item within a workshop and “join” the pieces of wood together. Professional joiners are able to work on larger elements of construction like floors, wall framing, and roofs.


By performing different types of joinery design and techniques, Luxury Antonovich Design has been able to bring out the best services and finest design results for every artistic woodwork for every project, especially in interior design. Its in-house joinery team has its full capacity to execute such premium class wooden techniques that create every project the most stylish and concrete. Joinery services are all about art and craftsmanship. By performing the best joinery solutions for such a project, each masterpiece always results in an excellent effect on every project. Luxury Antonovich Design is not your typical joinery company as it always assures you to use the best materials made up of the finest quality and composition. With hard work and great design inspirations, every joinery team always manages to provide nothing but the best quality and style like no other.


Luxury Antonovich Design is the leading joinery company that manufactures all types of woodworks in Dubai and internationally. Over the years, the company has been known as the best manufacturer of doors, wardrobes, cabinetry, kitchen design, wall panels, etc.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company has introduced the use of different types of Luxury Furniture with customized design and sizes to be able to enhance every interior mood and achieve the perfect form of uniqueness towards every property including Luxury Apartments in Dubai. We aim to deliver a high calibre of furniture design which are all made up of premium class materials which has been very well crafted to perfection which is perfectly suitable with a very high standard of every elite apartments in Dubai. Luxury Antonovich Design has the most talented and skilful team that has the full creativity to bring out the most luxurious and elegant design result towards every customized furniture design for luxury apartments in Dubai.

Our company is very well known for its exceptional works and Customizing Furniture and the full interior design decorations as well as the customized lighting and Chandelier.Having our own manufacturing and factory for furniture and complete needful in every interior design development. Our in-house expert joiner and furniture production team always creates the finest quality of furniture design. In fact, Luxury Antonovich Design is very well known as the best provider of customized furniture, chandeliers and carpets that makes every interior extra unique and stylish.

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